PÉRIPHÉRIQUES Architectes : Résidence sociale Lorraine

Draped in her clothes of light, the social residence Lorraine, in Paris (19e), offers a spectacle as striking as that of the sea whose color and sparkle change depending on the sky. Its facades covered with enamelled and iridescent terracotta shingles are indeed a surprise, revealing reflections alternately bluish or ivory metallized according to the moods of the time. An exceptional rendering ... despite strong architectural constraints.

How to stage 173 studios and manage the integration of almost 400 windows in front without succumbing to the pitfall of austere repetition and unattractive? Such was the challenge raised by the architectural firm Architects DEVICES who managed to resurrect it brilliantly home to migrant workers built 1978 and arrived breathless. All, keeping a building today completely melted in its original environment, which we do not suspect that it was built almost forty years ago ...

In order to animate the façades and create relief, the architects have developed in partnership with the Terreal teams three profiles of "notched" shingles. Of identical height, 22,5 centimeters, all these original pieces have one to three inclinations more or less pronounced. Outdoor surfaces provide an exceptional playing field in the light, and that give an impression of permanent vibration. 

Distributed in the three buildings composing this residence, the various studios consist of a bathroom, a kitchen and storage at the entrance, all done in light tones and raw materials. Common areas - laundry, meeting room, offices etc. -, are placed on the ground floor and open to the outside, providing these spaces with soft and pleasant natural lighting. Added to this set, a restaurant welcomes residents or simple gastronomes within this site with industrial accents.

A bright set that does not lack assets!

Project title : Social residence Lorraine
City, Country: Paris (19)
Project ownership: COALLIA HABITAT
Mastery of work : PERIPHERALS Architects
Area : 5 229 m2
Cost of works: 11 300 000 € HT
Calendar : June delivery 2017

Photographs: Luc Boegly

The project is selected for les ArchiDesignclub Awards 2018 in the Mixed Program category

To learn more, visit ArchiDesignclub the Awards site et of PERIPHERALS Architects

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  • Guest - Nail

    A very beautiful transformation of this social residence with a remarkable and original work of the facades!

  • Guest - Tapper

    Beautiful materials and clever facade game. This 2 life probably surpasses the 1ère.

    à Grenoble, France
  • Guest - BARDOU

    beautiful building .. original ..

  • Guest - Mayousse

    Very nice project

  • Guest - lesur

    A soft and refined geometry, bravo!

    à 24220 Beynac-et-Cazenac, France
  • Guest - Baillot


    à Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris, France
  • Superb facade treatment and spatial intelligence in the service of a social residence!

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