Événement : Comme une histoire... Le Havre

Until 18 next March, the city of Le Havre is unveiled in photos through atypical shots made by 17 painters, photographers and filmmakers. Presented at the MuMa, André Malraux Modern Art Museum, the exhibition offers a multitude of stories, from fictional to journalistic, paying tribute to an inspiring city-port.

Destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War, then rebuilt in reinforced concrete from 1945 to 1964 by the famous modernist architect Auguste Perret, the city of Le Havre is since 1956 the subject of a series of photographic reports commissioned by the DGT (Directorate General tourism).

It is in 2002, after rediscovering the work of the Austrian Lucien Hervé - whose shooting was then not accepted in 1956 for the government program because of off-axis angles and prominent geometric lines - that Annette Haudiquet, curator of the event and director of the institution of Le Havre, realizes the number of artistic treasures hidden in her city. Thus she decided to dedicate to these dormant works featuring the Normandy metropolis an exhibition revealing more than fifty years of a production from the public commission, echoing French landscapes, currently retracing to the BnF three decades of photos taken on the national territory.


At first, alongside great names in painting such as Claude Monet, Raoul Dufy, Edgar Degas, Auguste Renoir or Alfred Sisley, representing local sea and countryside, the reception gallery plunges us into confusion. The agglomeration seems to be graphically dissected, analyzed, composed and decomposed endlessly, under Yves Bélorgey's ultra-realistic charcoal traits, Christophe Guérin's disorienting video or Xavier Zimmermann's kaleidoscopic and confusing mirror games.
In a second step, the narrative thread uses the register of fiction, through a large collection of shots and mysterious films, whose contexts are deliberately unclear: interior visions, fragments of landscapes, images nocturnal or diurnal, inhabited or deserted horizons. Between all these sketches, it is up to us to discover the end of the story or rather the one we want to imagine.

A beautiful initiative celebrating, brilliantly, the 500 years of this historic city.

To learn more, visit the MuMa site - Le Havre

1, 3,4) Matthias Koch
2) Rebecca Digne
5-7) Lucien Hervé
8,9) Grabriele Basilico
9) Olivier Mériel
10,11) Corinne Mercadier
12,13) Véronique Ellena
14-16) Charles Decorps
17,18) Manuela Brands
19,20) Xavier Zimmermann
21) Sabine Meier
22) Bernard Plossu
23) Dana Levy
23) Yves Bélorgey

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