ADC Awards 2018 : Catégorie Tertiaire

Discover the selection of offices and commercial spaces, new and rehabilitated, selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.


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Boehringer Ingelheim Headquarters, Lyon (7e) - SCAU Architects

Designed to combine effort and comfort, the new headquarters of the pharmaceutical industry Boehringer Ingelheim in Lyon (7e) is a set of four luminous volumes interconnected by a vast central inner street. Far from containing only offices, the construction also includes many spaces and terraces, all drowned in an abundance of plants.



Business incubator, Miossens-Lanusse (64) - Vallet de Martinis

Imagined as an extension of the horizon, this business incubator of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64) combines strategic location and remarkable architecture. Its original program, linear silhouette and concrete structure make it, according to its designers, «The emblem of the new business area of ​​Thèze-Miossens».


6216-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interior-art-house-design-metalobil-stairs-japanese-01 ADC

Office Building, Saint-Herblain (44) - Forma6

As the first step in a project of six office buildings, the creation of the Nantes architecture firm Forma6 plays on contrasts by combining rustic brick and wood with massive and contemporary masonry, to which the architects add a reference to oriental moucharabiehs through a serrated facade.


6269-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-chartier-dalix-brenac-gonzalez-associes-lot-07-zac-clichy-batignolles-01 ADC

Java, Paris (17e) - ChartierDalix and Brenac & Gonzalez and Associates

As part of the construction of the ZAC Clichy-Batignolles in Paris (17e) architecture agencies ChartierDalix and Brenac & Gonzalez and Associates design JAVA, a huge office building of 24 000 square meters. A realization echoing the adjacent railways through a succession of corridors and terraces and a graphic cladding.



IDF Habitat Head Office, Champigny-sur-Marne (94) - Stefano Sbarbati Architect and Piuarch

More than an architectural achievement, the headquarters of IDF Habitat designed by Stefano Sbarbati Architect and Piuarch, aims to animate and structure an outdoor forecourt with a sleek and contemporary volume that protects and surrounds this space. More than a place of passage, the public square becomes a place of life in its own right.



Riverside, Gentilly (94) - Brenac & Gonzalez and Associates

At Gentilly (94), an imposing building with sculptural façades emerges from the ring road. Between green balconies and a metallic prismatic envelope, the Riverside office building, designed by the Parisian agency Brenac & Gonzalez et Associés, fits brilliantly into the urban environment of Val-de-Marne.



6333-design-Muuuz-archived design club-magazine-architecture-decoration-interior-art-maison-rich-robert-d3-hall-gerland-01

Grande Halle Gerland, Lyon (7e) - Reichen and Robert & Associés and D3 Architects

This renovation of the former Grande Halle Gerland, carried out by Reichen and Robert & Associés and D3 Architects, retains the industrial soul of this major heritage building in Lyon, while bringing lightness thanks to the creation of an interior garden. and the addition of a double glazed skin.



The 10 Grenelle, Paris (15e) - B. Architecture and Calq Architecture

Rehabilitate an old office building of the 1950 years, while taking into account a strong historical heritage; this was the mission entrusted to the agency B. Architecture, at the origin of this humble project called "10 rue Grenelle".



BlackPearl, Courbevoir (92) - Studio Vincent Eschalier

Renovated in 2017, this large ship-like monolith dressed in black seems to have just docked in the district of Paris-La Défense, in Courbevoie ... Welcome to Captain Vincent Eschalier's BlackPearl!

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