ADC Awards 2018 : Catégorie Enseignement

Discover the selection of kindergartens, primary schools, higher education buildings and university residences selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.



Germaine Tillon High School, Castelnaudary (11) - Cusy Maraval Architects and Hamerman Rouby Architects

In Occitania, this high school designed by agencies Cusy Maraval Architects and Hamerman Rouby Architects is the result of a twofold concern: to offer students a pleasant place to study while bringing consistency to the site housing two other schools.



Robert Desnos College, Orly (94) - Emmanuelle Colboc and Associates

At Orly (94), students at Robert Desnos College have just inaugurated their new school. Focus on a bright project, dressed in bricks, signed by the Parisian agency Emmanuelle Colboc and Associates.



Port Chemin Vert School Group, Aubervilliers (93) - archi5

In Aubervilliers (93), a brand new school group marks the revival of an old industrial district. Designed by the agency archi5, this ultra-fun project has all the features necessary for the optimal comfort of schoolchildren. Ready to go back to school?


6374-design-Muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-interior-decoration-art-house-CURA-high school-crow-01

Corneille High School, Rouen (76) - ACAU Architects

Rehabilitate a building listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments, without betraying it or be content with simple renovation work: a real challenge! Except, perhaps for the Agency ACAU Architects who signs here a project with marked identity, without affecting the surrounding buildings. Explanations.



Pôle de l'enfance and Pierre-Perret School, Serris (77) - Ameller, Dubois et Associés

In Serris (77), near the famous theme park dedicated to the most famous mouse, the agency Ameller, Dubois and Associates signs a school and children's project away from the phantasmagorical architecture of its surroundings. Like a desire to emancipate the soft power of Mickey Mouse.


6376-design-Muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-interior-decoration-art-house-atelier56s-school-La Couyère-01

School, The Couyere (35) - 56S WORKSHOP

Small by its program, this school designed by the architects of Rennes ATELIER 56S is however large by the comfort of life it offers to its users. Back a humble but perfectly executed project.



6300-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interior-art-house-design-franklin-azzi-beautiful-arts-nantes-01 adc

School of Fine Arts, Nantes (44) - FRANKLIN AZZI ARCHITECTURE

As part of the transformation of the Île de Nantes, the former Alstom industrial site has been completely reconfigured. Among the various programs that its six halls host - university, offices, restaurant etc. - two of them now house the École des Beaux-Arts, a luminous and spacious creation by Franklin Azzi.



Neurocampus, Bordeaux (33) - VIB architecture

Delivered at the end of the year 2016 by the agency VIB architecture, this building hosts research laboratories in neuroscience, offering its users an optimized working environment, particularly by its volume.



ENSAE ParisTech, Gif-sur-Yvette (91) - CAB Architects

The designers of CAB ARCHITECTES, specialized in concrete, sign this time a millimeter steel project. Located in Palaiseau (91), it is a geometrical box all adapted to welcome the ENSAE ParisTech ...


6174-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-design-oma-lab-city-01 adc

Lab City, Gif-sur-Yvette (91) - OMA

After Châtenay-Malabry (92), École CentraleSupélec Paris moved to Gif-sur-Yvette (91), on the Saclay plateau. In this high place of research, the Dutch agency OMA delivers the building Lab City where, since the beginning of last year, more 4 000 students, researchers or even simple curious.


STAR, Évry (91) - Block Architects

The STAR (Spaces and Technologies Open for Innovation Laboratories and Enterprises), designed by the British agency Block Architectes, aims to connect researchers and students of the Institute Mines-Telecom (IMT) of the Pole Evry - Val-de-Seine scientist with young entrepreneurs.



CFA building trades, Brétigny (91) - archi5

"What does the bottle matter, provided you have drunkenness?", says a famous proverb. An adage denied by the designers of archi5, who have made every effort to create a training center for apprentices as pleasant to live as visually remarkable, proving that the form matters as much as the content.



House of Sciences of the Man, Paris (6e) - François Chatillon Architect and Michel Rémon & Associés

In charge of renovating the Maison des sciences de l'homme made between 1965 and 1969 by Marcel Lods, Paul Depondt and Henri Beauclair, the agencies François Chatillon Architect and Michel Rémon & Associés had to bring back to standard an iconic construction without altering it. Back on a restoration not quite like the others ...



Francis Bouygues Building, Gif-sur-Yvette (91) - Gigon Guyer Architekten and Synthesis Architecture

École CentraleSupélec Paris is located southwest of the capital, on the Saclay plateau (91). The Swiss Helmet Gigon Guyer Architekten delivers for the institution a bright building, put at the service of its users: students and researchers, but not only ...




Residence Cornil, Marseille (5e) - A + Architecture

Dust the image of student residences, a challenge? By the agency A + Architecture, which has just delivered a building of almost 200 rooms all in wood and - icing on the cake! - designed in just 14 months.



Residence Olympe Gouges, Toulouse (31) - PPA, scalene architects and AFA

At the same time, the PPA, scalene architects and AFA agencies have been thinking about how to offer maximum privacy to the users of a 600 student residence. They thus sign in Toulouse (31) a project easily appropriated by its inhabitants and inspired by the model of the cloister.


5922-architecture-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-blog-decoration-interior-art-house-architect-herault-arnod-rennes-city-international-01 ADC

Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur, Rennes (35) - Hérault Arnod Architects

Erected as part of the reorganization of the Colombier district in Rennes (35), the Cité internationale Paul Ricoeur brings together four distinct programs - a sports center, premises of the University of Brittany-Loire, a residence for foreign researchers and a university restaurant. -, within an ethereal unitary envelope.


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