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Discover the selection of houses, small groups and large groups selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.


6386-design-Muuuz-archi design club-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-freaks-the Vikings-01

VIKING, Fermanville (50) - Freaks Architecture

On the Normandy coast, a small white cabin catches the eye of fishermen and other boaters. Renovated by the architects of Freaks, it is home to an ultra-optimized interior perfect for dinner with friends while contemplating the Channel.


5911-architecture-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-blog-decoration-interieur-art-maison-benoitetroselyne-01 adc

Benoît & Roselyne, Nîmes (30) - DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX

When Benoît and Roselyne, a Parisian couple, decided to renovate a second home in the Nîmes region, they were far from suspecting that a decade later, the family would grow as much! To welcome everyone, the agency DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX conceives a faceted extension to the vernacular expression of 90 square meters.



Chemin du Calvaire, Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit (76) - Antonin Ziegler Architects

In Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit (76), an old barn renovated by Antonin Ziegler challenges the traveler contemplating a picturesque wild landscape. Far from convention, this warm home takes advantage of a strong architectural heritage for a result as beautiful as destabilizing.


6151-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-design-orma-architecture-house-vanella-01 adc

Casa Vanella, Casamaccioli (20) - Orma Architettura

In the heart of a pinewood, yuccas and pines pine forest typical of the Cap Ferret region, the Atelier du Pont imagines a family second home composed of small cabins, inspired by the vernacular constructions of the region. A quirky project and filled with tranquility perfectly integrated into its environment.


6142 design-muuuz-archivesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interior-art-maison-design-studio-du-pont-cabane-au-cap-ferret-01 adc

The Cabins, Lege-Cap Ferret (33) - Workshop Bridge

Inspired by the architecture of Cap Ferret (33), the Atelier du Pont realizes a holiday home made up of small cabins reinterpreting the vernacular constructions, for a better integration. A haven of peace in the heart of a pine forest of arbutus trees, yuccas and pines.


6081-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-decoration-interieur-art-maison-manigod-studio-razavi-architecture-01 adc

Chalet, Manigod (74) - Studio Razavi Architecture

Near the ski resort of La Clusaz, the architects of Studio Razavi imagine a chalet combining traditional mountain accommodation and contemporary realization with a concrete base on which rests a more traditional structure in wood and the roof with two sides.


6388-design-Muuuz-archived design club-magazine-architecture-decoration-interior-art-maison-ellena-flour-Parigots-01

House Parigots, Suresnes (92) - ELLENA + MEHL

Adding to a small house of 1920 years an extension of similar shape, but covered with burnt wood, it is a little alter-ego that architects Hervé Ellena and Stéphanie Mehl have designed. Back on a simple project but devilishly effective.



House M, Meudon (92) - deval and deval architects

In Meudon (92), a house slice in the landscape by its elegant and subtle forms. A project of great beauty, signed by architects David and Claudia Devaux, whose constraints would not have yet foreshadowed a result so successful.



6390-design-Muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-interior-decoration-art-house-fres-housing-social 13

9 social housing, Paris (12e) - FRES Architects

Avenue Netter, in the 12e district of Paris, a brand new building designed by the agency FRES Architects plays with the codes of its Haussmann neighbors. Discover a case study in reinterpreting vernacular architecture.



26 participative housing, Montreuil (93) - NZI ARCHITECTS

In Montreuil (93), the agency NZI ARCHITECTES delivers a project for the least experimental composed of 26 participative housing designed with and for its future inhabitants. An achievement whose durability is a challenge, but which has the merit of constituting a real human adventure.



6 housing, Paris (19e) - Nomade Architects

With this building comprising six social housing units in the 19e arrondissement of Paris, Nomade's architects accomplished a double feat: that of carrying out a participative social housing project, which is also labeled Passive House. An exclusivity in the Capital.



The Gardens of Allonville, Nantes (44) - Architecture Explorations

In the city of the Dukes of Brittany, the agency Explorations Architecture signs a sober and effective realization, bringing together 26 collective housing and six houses. A mini-village where life is good.


6394-design-Muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-architecture-interior-decoration-art-house-Odile-Guzy-housing-social 01

26 social housing, Chalon-sur-Saône (71) - ODILE + GUZY architects

Delivered in 2017 in Chalon-sur-Saône this social housing project shows the real concern of architects Michaël Guzy and Julien Odile to offer an optimal living comfort to future users. The proof ? They won the competition by taking the opposite of the specifications requested, determined to propose the most suitable for the needs of developers.




ONE - The Gardens of the Ark, Nanterre (92) - Farshid Moussavi Architecture and and Richez Associés

In Nanterre (92), agencies Farshid Moussavi Architecture and Richez Associates jostle the district of La Défense with the building ONE - Les Jardins de l'Arche. A housing project combining student rooms and apartments, designed to facilitate the cohabitation of all.



Site of the former Montrouge train station, Paris (14e) - Louis Paillard

Install three separate buildings to accommodate 126 housing and rehabilitate at the same time the former Montrouge station in Paris (14e). This is the colorful proposal made by architect Louis Paillard. A crazy project, but whose success is based precisely on this grain of madness.



The Barquière, Marseille (9e) - PietriArchitects

In Marseille (9e), the Barquière project conceived by the agency PietriArchitectes, has all the dream seaside residence: vast green terrain, pure and immaculate lines, large balconies ... What to live like on holiday 365 days a year!



Neaucité, Saint-Denis (93) - Atelier Krauss Architecture

In Saint-Denis (93), the architects of Atelier Krauss deliver in July 2017 a building of housing in the shape of ship. Like a real boat, the realization offers different heights of bridge, thus giving bright views of the city.


5858-architecture-design-muuuz-archidesignclub-magazine-blog-decoration-interior-art-house-architect-poggi-more-clouds-01 adc

White Clouds, Saints (17) - POGGI Architecture and MORE architecture

How to materialize a cloud? The association of agencies POGGI and MORE gives life to the White Clouds, three buildings of atmospheric inspirations. Wrapped in volumes with a vaporous texture, the silhouette of the ensemble results from a stack of white blocks reminiscent of the hazardous form of cumulus clouds.



The Wind Rose, Massy (91) - Vincen Cornu Architecture

Vincen Cornu demonstrates with this building report that if every moment of a constructive thought is part of an intention determined by relevant urban and domestic qualities, the architecture that it generates can concretely make sensitive its aesthetic and social legitimacy.

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