Vincen Cornu Architecture : La Rose des vents

Vincen Cornu demonstrates with this building report that if every moment of a constructive thought is part of an intention determined by relevant urban and domestic qualities, the architecture that it generates can concretely make sensitive its aesthetic and social legitimacy.

The building is part of a corner plot on the edge of the ZAC Atlantis of Massy, ​​in the 44 hectares of the Ampère district which Dominique Petermüller is the coordinating architect. Given the density imposed by the construction of 63 apartments, the architect Vincen Cornu carved the volumes so that the building could mark the entrance of the district by its monumentality while offering a porosity and depth that are a guarantee of urban amenity. He achieves it first by cutting into three emergences - at the corner and at the ends - separated by large terraces. This splicing allows especially the sun to penetrate by these faults to illuminate, according to the hour, the heart of islet or the street.
Avenue Émile-Baudot, large shooting loggias dig the facade; the choice of solid white concrete reinforces the impression that they would be cut into the volume of the building. Finally, the wide recess of the ground floor, forming a porch between the street and the inner courtyard, carries the gaze of the pedestrian in the deepest part of the plot, offering the pleasure of its private garden to the passers-by of Jean-François Street. -of-the-Perugia.

If this operation brilliantly meets all the requirements of urban, spatial and customary habitability that is expected of a residential architecture, the rigor of its constructive design and the perfection of its implementation carry these qualities to a degree rarely seen, especially in private promotion for accession. To achieve this goal, Vincen Cornu has convinced the client to appeal to the Rennes company Legendre, with whom he had already collaborated, known for his know-how in raw concrete. The design of the expansion joints, the undersides of the loggias and balconies, the incrustation of the shells in the diamond-tipped matrix, the clever sweeping of the rudimentary soil concretes, all this mastery produces an astonishing impression. It is born from this art of reconciling massiveness and refinement. It also contributes wood, ground common areas, smooth terraces, ceilings of halls and passages, which accords gently to the blondness of concrete. Skilfully built into the frame, wood-aluminum joinery and shutters leave only a thin line mark the contours of windows, accentuating all the sensation of mineral mass.

There is always something both wise and archaic in the sweet modernity of Vincen Cornu. If at any time its architecture does not mimic the stereotomy of stone, the rationality that determines its own tectonics produces the feeling of balance and strength that the most beautiful Romanesque buildings evoke.

Project title : The wind rose
City, Country: Massy (91)
Owner: First Avenue-SCI Massy IV
Mastery of work : Vincen Cornu architect
Area : 4 883 square meters
Cost of works: 7 110 000 € HT
Calendar : Summer delivery 2017

To learn more, visit the site of Vincen Cornu Architecture

Text: "63 housing in private home", Emmanuel Caille, of a n ° 256, September 2017
Photographies : Martin Argyroglo

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