Constructo Skatepark Architecture : Skatepark Peitruss

Are you tired of skateboarding? Are you tired of expressing your love for sliding on disused and uninviting surfaces? This time is now over in the Peitruss Valley Park in Luxembourg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the intervention of designers specialized in the field: Constructo Skatepark Architecture.

The small country sees things in big! Far from the modules and ramps often disposed without generosity by the municipalities, the Stakepark, located at the foot of the bridge of the old town of Luxembourg, extends over an area of ​​not less than 2 750 square meters including a forecourt, a large bowl of which the depth reaches up to 3,30 meters, a small bowl and a street dome, making this equipment one of the largest on the continent.


And what better than to let yourself be carried by his board while admiring a picturesque landscape? Between the viaduct, the green cliff and the dense forest that surround the infrastructure, the best asset of the sports venue is the beauty of its surrounding nature. An exceptional heritage of which Constructo Skatepark was inspired for its realization. In addition to being abundantly equipped, the ground is also decorated on the ground with hexagons in shades of gray and brown - in reference to the colors of the environment in which it is inserted - and whose facets echo the geometry of the fortress of Vauban, visible from the site. In addition, the benches are made of the same stone as the said defensive structure, facilitating even more insertion of the new facility within the panorama offered by the Peitruss Valley.

A project that proves that it is possible to combine sport and heritage, all in a refined setting.

To learn more, visit the website of Constructo Skatepark Architecture

Photographs: DR

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