RIGI Design : A White House, A Growing Home

What was originally a typical home of Shanghai (China) 1940 years, under the leadership of the studio RIGI Design, a bright and functional haven of peace. Thanks to large picture windows and modular and ergonomic furniture, the designers modernize this town house without distorting it.

The challenge of this renovation was to keep the original construction structure of 240 square meters spread over three levels, so as not to upset the architecture of the neighborhood, while alleviating its massive and airtight coposition and adapting to the great depth of the building.

"We want to design something that supports beauty and happiness. There is not so much joy in life, and it is filled with little happiness. What we like is not having beautiful things or luxurious furniture, but a life made to measure, for oneself. " Liu Kai, designer at RIGI Design


To do this, RIGI Design imagines A White House, A Growing House, an airy and white version of the home of 1947. First step: remove the recessed staircase in favor of a new model, open and crossing, lit zenith by a glass roof. Added to this skylight, many skylights and windows open the building on the outside, it seemed, originally, impenetrable. Same treatment for the garden that was previously poorly connected to the living spaces and which, thanks to the multiple glass walls, becomes an integral part of the daily life of the residents. At the bottom, a veranda also offers the latter an exterior protected from bad weather; while, above, two balconies-terraces allow users to enjoy the great outdoors.

But the intentions of the designers do not stop there, with the decompartmentalization of small volumes that made up the whole, so that the common parts are more "breathable". Thus, the partitions of the ground floor disappear in favor of an open kitchen, a living room and a dining room. In order to make this area, where the whole family spends most of its time, RIGI Design imagines a modular wooden wall, called Life board, which she positions on the wall of the living room. Less bulky than a dresser or storage cabinet, these panels pierced with holes allow residents to place and move the shelves according to their desires and needs. The entire walls are painted white and decorated with touches of pastel colors, creating a soft and pleasant environment.

Like what, sometimes they are simple ideas that give rise to great achievements!

To learn more, visit the website of RIGI Design

Photographies: Tian Fangfang

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