Marte.Marte Architects : Messe Dornbirn

Last July, the city of Dornbirn (Austria), located on the border of Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Germany, inaugurated its new exhibition center with an area of ​​10 500 square meters. Punctuated by patios and arches, the monumental building by the German agency Marte.Marte Architects, offers its visitors very generous spaces.

Since 1949, the Mass, located to the west of Dornbirn and close to European motorways, hosts no less than eight large sports buildings - from the basketball court to the ice rink - as well as four halls from 3 000 to 5 000 square meters where fairs and congresses take place. The whole forms a huge business park of 5,2 hectares.

In the center of this area, the German agency Marte.Marte Architects realizes the main construction of the whole: a parallelepiped of 170 meters by 70 and 17 of high. The structure houses a seminar room of 1 600 seating and three new exhibition centers separated by two large reception halls, for a total of 10 500 square meters of floor area.


If the work, clad in black zinc, can remind by its materiality industrial metal sheds generally reserved for this type of use, it is not so. This one has indeed a mixed wood-concrete structure and an atypical volumetric treatment - two large red oval openings seem to be carved in the mass -, allowed by the parallel concrete sails used to form the different spaces of the place, and a glulam frame, more durable, easy to assemble and less expensive than steel.

Because of the gigantic scale of the realization, one of the major stakes of its development resided in the management of the light. Indeed, it was necessary to be able to bring a lighting powerful enough to illuminate the immense spaces of exhibition, while allowing flexibility and adaptability to the various events taking place there - forums, spectacles, concerts, etc. This mission was fulfilled by the company Zumtobel, their products allowing a variation of intensity and colors of temperature.

A construction worthy of the commercial commitments of the city: impressive.

To learn more, visit the site of Marte.Marte Architects et de Zumtobel

Photographies : Faruk Pinjo

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  • Positively charming! I love it!!

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