Benyuan Design and Research Center : Dom-Ino Pavilion

In 1915, the constructive system "Dom-ino", invented by Le Corbusier, revolutionized the architectural design, including the introduction of the facade and free plan. One hundred years later, an abandoned house with concrete pillars and slabs was found in a small Chinese village. Abandoned, it will not stay long since it is renovated by the Benyuan Design and Research Center, and becomes one of the headliners of the Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture of Shenzhen (China).

Well before its renovation, this house of 303 square meters on the ground composed of two superimposed square slabs already detonated in the vernacular architecture of the small village of Shangwei (China) where it is located. The youthfulness of the Benyuan Design and Research Center, an institution devoted to research and teaching in medicine, urban planning and architecture, has given it its name. Denuded by walls, the Dom-Ino Pavilion features 24 large perforated iron doors, including 16 with central axis of rotation, offering the possibility of creating many spatial arrangements. Depending on their open or closed position, the latter can thus, as you wish the organizers, delimit a terrace in the outer part of one of the two trays or become a wall inside.


Devoid of its primary domestic function, the place aims to become a flexible platform capable of hosting exhibitions, shows, conferences or meetings. The modular ground floor includes, in addition to its public part, a studio that can easily be transformed into an office or even a gallery, while the second level is entirely dedicated to the reception of events. To complete these devices meeting and exchange, a roof terrace defined by a circular installation of metal rods can accommodate guests in the open air.

Thanks to the circular patterns pierced in the metal openings, the light is filtered in the manner of a moucharabieh. At night, the lighting is imagined so that the shadows form the face of Corbusier, architect and theorist at the origin of this model of construction.

A unique place that gives life to a prototype 100 years, which has not yet taken a ride!

Photo: Chao Zhang

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