Francisco Mangado : Palais des congrès et hôtel

Facing the sea, along the main ring road of Palma de Mallorca (Spain), the Basque master builder Francisco Mangado delivers the city's convention center and luxury hotel. Compound two buildings with distinct architectural writings rlinked by a footbridge, the complex offers visitors generous exhibition and rest areas as well as an unobstructed view of the ocean.

Located on the seafront of the seaside town, just fifteen minutes drive from the airport and a short walk from the historic center and the port, the Palma de Mallorca Congress Center and its luxury hotel, are strategically placed. Indeed, the project has great ambitions for the economic development of the city since it should accommodate annually more than 80 000 people of any nationality.

On a longitudinal plot bordered on the north by a busy avenue and on the south by the coastal highway, the architectural approach of Francisco Mangado is simple: to create two buildings with different volumes, style and materiality, united by the treatment of their base and the bridge connecting them.


To the west winds the main building of 58 500 square meters of floor area, set on white stone pillars, whose very open ground floor is thought of as a recessed extension of the square facing it , sea side. The focal point of this lengthy building is a three-storey hall that houses on one side, two auditoriums of 1 900 and 500 seating and 6 400 square meters of meeting rooms; and on the other a large double-height exhibition area of ​​1 600 square meters, with a mezzanine of 700 square meters. For its part, it sports a thick 420 meter-long envelope, largely glazed and punctuated by imposing concrete retorts. Designed by the French façade builder WICONA, these non-load bearing 5 walls, slightly angled, are in fact imposing sunscreens that help reduce the intensity of the sun's rays, which are very strong in this part of the world. , in order to avoid a possible overheating inside but also to offer magnificent framing on the sea.
To the east, the hotel, comprising 270 rooms, a 700 square meter spa and a rooftop pool, is for its part made up of two monoliths made of limestone massive stone of triangular shape of six and nine floors pierced by windows in headband.

Between the two structures, in the extension of the third and last floor of the demonstration site, an appendix of glass and concrete makes it possible to link this zigzag section to the lounge and the bar of the accommodation zone, overlooking a vast public space in the ground.

A titanic project but a simple and effective realization that stands out as a new emblem on the coast of the Spanish island.

To learn more, visit the site of Francisco Mangado

Photographies : Art Sánchez Photography


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