Walters & Cohen Architects : Vajrasana Buddhist Retreat

Escape the stress of work, the metro and life in general, a few hours from Paris by train? With the creation of the Walter & Cohen Architects agency in the Suffolk region (England), this is now possible. Indeed, she imagined a Buddhist retreat, lost in the countryside. The key words of this cloister? Luxury, calm and voluptuousness.

Located in a forest environment of great beauty, the 1 355 set of square meters takes place in an old farmhouse dating from the 1900 years, which the British studio was commissioned to renovate to accommodate sixty people and integrate a room of worship to create a more than complete retirement center.


Thus, the architecture of the place is imagined so that the whole has the least possible impact on its environment and the pre-existing cottage. We also find the minimalist philosophy of the current of thought in the choice of simple materials - such as wood or stone - and in refined aesthetics.

Organized around a series of courtyards, paths and Zen gardens, the buildings form a cloister, a protective perimeter corresponding to the isolation needs of visitors. Four blocks stand out then. An L-shaped building welcomes the common areas - living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and so on. - as well as five rooms that can accommodate four people and two bathrooms; to the north of this building, a bar with the crenellated roof on one level is devoted to the other sixteen dormitories available whose capacity varies between two and four beds. To the east, a large parallelepiped is entirely dedicated to worship and includes a prayer room and two patios with Buddhist statues devised by the London Buddhist Center (LBC).

A place filled with tranquility that would change us well from the bustle of Paris!

To learn more, visit Walter & Cohen Architects website

Photographs: Jim Stephenson

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