MCEA Arquitectura : Centre sportif

In the small village of Es Puig D'en Valls located on the island of Ibiza (Spain), the local agency MCEA Arquitectura dresses two basketball courts particularly unsuited to the weather conditions of the archipelago. Thanks to its roof made of aluminum sheds, players can both enjoy the sunlight and reflections of the sky without being dazzled.

At the general request of the inhabitants of the village of Es Puig D'en Valls - located on the outskirts of the old town of Ibiza - and the many surrounding villages, two basketball courts of the Town Hall were, at first, covered, then closed by four walls in a second time. The purpose of this operation? To propose a sporting equipment fully adapted to the weather of the island, where the sun can be lead and the rains abrupt.


Construction, led by the local agency MCEA Arquitectura, then took place in two stages.
The first consisted in sheltering this surface of activities. For this purpose, the architects imagined a simple roof composed of a crenelated metal roof supported by 24 10 high-profile posts, whose north-facing sheds provide indirect light, while avoiding the glare of the players. . Similarly, the corrugated aluminum interior cladding provides soft lighting and reflects the blue of the ground and sky.

Variations of luminous intensity and colors completed during the second phase of construction, carried out three months later, consisting in closing this ensemble. The four concrete walls surrounding the site have been pierced with moucharabiehs, traditionally used in the south of the country, to filter the sun's rays whose tones range from ocher to yellow while creating natural ventilation without the rain does not come in.

An ideal place for fun and surpassing oneself!

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Photographs: David Frutos