Kimmel Eshkolot Architects : Mémorial du Mont Herzl

Erected to honor the memory of deceased Israeli soldiers, the Mount Herzl National Memorial consists of an inverted, semi-buried funnel-shaped dome on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Inside, this cover is lined with 23 000 bricks, engraved with the names of fallen soldiers.

This memorial structure, both external and internal, takes its place on Mount Herzl in the Holy City, subtly reproducing the relief through brick layers. A space of intimate recollection, whose hall is inserted in the hollow heart of the hill. A choice that ensures optimal thermal conditions in this hot region of the globe.

"The building was conceived as a monument and, as such, the design focused on creating a non-building that can function almost without any mechanical system and be almost entirely sustainable. " Michal Kimmel-Eshkolot, architect


Like a tomb, the only holes in the building visible from the outside are the entrance and above the skylight, which provide natural ventilation and lighting. A subtle, subdued light thus delicately illuminates the wavy walls of the dome composed of bricks made of local stone and struck with the names and dates of life of the soldiers. It overcomes a large space of central recollection around which rolls a helical ramp lined with candles lit in memory of the deceased. No electric device completes these two sources of light, thus contributing to reinforce the mystical aspect desired by its designers.

A solemn building perfectly integrated with its environment.

To learn more, visit the site of Kimmel Eshkolot Architects

Photographs: Amit Geron

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