Cubo Arkitekter : Centre national d’essais éoliens d’Østerild

North-east of Østerild city center in the wooded outskirts of Thisted (Denmark) a national wind test center for the public has opened. Regarded as the "world leader in decarbonisation" by the International Energy Agency, Denmark now benefits from a project integrating a tourism component into an industrial and scientific site. A creation by Cubo Arkitekter.

With more than 43% of wind power requirements, it has been home to the new National Wind Test Center since September, which is located near the original 2012 building in the village of Thisted, located in the north of Denmark, consists of the six largest wind turbines in the world, all under the responsibility of DTU (Technical University of Denmark). It is also this institution, in collaboration with the municipality, which launches 2016 a competition for the construction of a new research wing, also able to accommodate visitors. The agency Cubo Arkitekter wins the competition with a project inspired by the blades of windmills that have flourished in the Danish fields in recent years.

Result? A construction on stilts all in length and on one level which extends on 650 square meters. This delicate bar is entirely glazed on three of its facades to maximize solar gains, and covered with a white fiberglass protective coating to the north. What to preserve with elegance of the Scandinavian winter.

"The new National Wind Test Center fits smoothly into the landscape, such as a slightly elevated linear structure with a hovering appearance, which delicately nuances the terrain to preserve local biodiversity. " Cubo Arkitekter, architecture agency

Entry is via a straight ramp placed perpendicular to the building, splitting it into two parts. The smaller of these two sections, located to the west, consists of a refectory extended by a covered terrace facing south. In the eastern zone, a longitudinal corridor punctuated by two patios separates the rooms reserved for professionals from those dedicated to visitors: four flexible rooms, whose movable walls allow to provide one or more space (s) of exposure, as needed.

The agency Cubo Arkitekter succeeds in mixing two separate programs under a unitary envelope. A breath of fresh air is now blowing over the city of Østerild.

To learn more, visit the site of the agency Cubo Arkitekter

Photographs: Martin Schubert

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