ML Architect : Runaway of Life

On the occasion of 8e International Container Art Festival of Kaohsiung (Taiwan), the teams of ML Architect imagine a set of six white structures composed only of containers, symbols of the commercial past of the Asian city. entitled Runaway of Life, the installation retraces in a fun way the five major stages of human life, from the first steps to the last.

On a total surface of 770 square meters, the monochrome intervention of ML Architect reinterprets the traditional use of the container to make a metaphor of time passing, in a set of scenography orchestrated from west to east, a journey through time in the different stages of life. Each element symbolizes not only a period of existence, and is also intended to be used by people of the age groups concerned.


The journey begins with the representation of the toddler phase, during which everyone learns in particular to keep in balance. A moment materialized by a bipartite, wobbly construction, whose interior is embellished with a small climbing wall and slides. The years pass but the curiosity does not decrease. Then comes the tender age, a stage full of explorations and fantasies that inspire the architects of the project a colorful kaleidoscope disturbing our senses and our perception of the world. The third - and last - installation of this cycle of youth represents adolescence, a short time but so essential to personal development and integration into society. An age often ridiculed and caricatured that amuses the masters who propose here an exhibition of clothes, symbols of the care given to the appearance by a person of 15 years.

The adult world then takes the place of the world of childhood, with its codes, its problems, its desires and its fears. Similar to the first structure, this one, representing the biggest phase of the life is constituted of two boxes, one posed in a vertical way, the other taking support of it by bias. It is an observatory, where you have to climb a large number of steps to finally sit and contemplate your past and imagine the future. Finally, the path ends with the seniors' pavilion, consisting of two truncated oblique containers whose zenith light seems to lead visitors to the heavens.

A metaphor of evolution as profound as it is amusing.

To learn more, visit the ML Architect website

Photographs: DR

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