Événement : Triennale de Bruges

World Heritage of UNESCO, Bruges (Belgium) does not exist however only by its past! Proof of this, the new edition of its Triennale, resurrected - since the project dating from the 1960 years had been aborted in 1974 - which presents a large number of contemporary art more spectacular than the others all responding to the theme enigmatic of "Liquid City".

"Liquid City", quèsaco? This is a diversion of the concept of "liquid society" thought by the sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman in the 2000 years, which refers to the fluctuation and perpetual movement of modern society. A nod that the Venice of the North appropriates and mixes with the omnipresence of the water that characterizes it. A raw material conducive to reflection and which guided the work of artists and architects invited to exhibit until mid-September.

Whether underwater or on the surface, interventions on-site oscillate between concrete architectural proposals, which want solidarity and ecological, and temporary works whose primary purpose is to cheer the city and interest visitors to the construction, while giving a new breath to one of the European heritage capitals.


The opportunity to discover theAcheron I Renato Nicolodi, a wooden structure covered with cement, literally floating on one of the two channels. A representation of the entrance to hell, kingdom of Hades in Greek mythology, named after a river in northeastern Greece whose name means "river of sadness". A conceptual achievement as fascinating by the technical prowess it demonstrates as its whimsical sense.

More gay, the pavilion Selgascano designed by the eponymous Spanish agency: an organic structure with translucent red walls projecting rays of light colored on the watercourse where it takes place partially. The opportunity to meditate with your feet in the water, while seeing life in pink.

But an event of this magnitude is also a forum, an opportunity to denounce the problems of society, to share its opinion with the greatest number. A concept well integrated by the New Yorkers of Studiokca which transforms a basin of the city center, close to the statue of Jan Van Eyck, in small end of ocean where emerges a blue whale of a dozen meters high. Without being able to place a real cetacean in the heart of Belgium, no less than 5 tons of plastic waste taken from the Big Blue allowed to reconstitute the mammal arising from the waves. An impressive and committed sculpture which, hopefully, will raise awareness of ocean pollution a little more.

An event that not only allows you to discover the works of Wesley Meuris, John Powers or Monir Shahroudy but especially to see Bruges from a new angle, that of a contemporary city and anchored in the news.

A lively and exciting triennial that promises to warm the summer of the capital of West Flanders.

To learn more, visit the site of the Triennale de Bruges

1-5) Iwan Baan
6-9) DR

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