Kientruc O : École maternelle Chuon Chuon Kim 2

After a first nursery school built in 2015 in the historic center of Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam, the Kientruc O agency transforms the test in 2018 with the Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten, taking the archetypal form of a house. Toddlers are here a little home.

The district of 2 Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), a quarter of an hour from the city center, is a rapidly expanding neighborhood where the towers ... and where houses turn into nurseries! It is in this dynamic that the architecture studio inaugurates in 2018 the Chuon Chuon kindergarten Kim 2, on a plot of 409 square meters.

In this residential sector composed mainly of small private residences, the four-storey building is denoted by its scale but also its childish aesthetic, referring to gables of houses, here taken up by the structural brick walls partly openwork to facilitate natural ventilation . The intertwined volumes are divided by a central skylight, entirely painted in canary yellow and illuminated by multiple terraces arranged on all floors, creating a game inside / outside. Main axis of circulation, it serves classrooms, visual arts and service spaces - such as laundry or kitchen - arranged spirally around this patio. The interior rooms, sober, designed for learning and quiet games, contrast with the semi-outdoor surfaces in warm tones.

Visible from the street, a second concrete circulation place stands out from the building. Curved and cantilevered, it serves as a more intimate itinerary than the one mentioned above, while providing access to a rooftop garden overlooking the Saigon River.

A vertical journey that transports our children's souls into imaginative worlds.

To learn more, visit the site of Kientruc O

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki

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  • Very nice achievement, we notice more and more constructions in Asia with this type of architecture!

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