Richter Architectes et Associés : Centre de consultations et de soins

Located in the ZAC called Hauts de Queuleu, in Metz (57), a building all glass, metal and concrete hosts a new center of consultations and care. A realization delivered in 2017 by the agency Richter Architects and Associates, conceived as a cocoon in an armor, in order to better protect its users, adults and children with fragile mental health.

For a project manager, designing a care center, whatever its nature, is often accompanied by a paradox difficult to solve: how to provide a sense of security to the occupants without cutting them from the outside? How to protect their privacy without inviting them to fall back? An issue that the agency Richter Architects and Associates has not escaped by responding to the order of the Jury Hospital to imagine the common premises of adult mental health center Paul Langevin and children's psychotherapy center Winnicott. A dilemma exacerbated by the specifications that implied "Avoid contact between young and old patients", specify the designers.

To meet this imperative, the architects made the choice to reinterpret the typology of the cloister. The realization consists of a structural concrete enclosure, pierced with multiple openings and in which is inserted a pavement of glass and anodized metal, itself cut to accommodate six patios, terraces and courtyards. Welcome air bubbles, allowing patients to connect to the environment - the parcel is relatively wooded - while keeping the necessary distance between small and large occupants.

Inside and outside, the establishment of consultations and care reflects the efforts of architects to create a warm project with a strong identity. Inside, light wood and pink resin on the floor create a relaxing, convalescent atmosphere. On the outside, the concrete hull is certainly left untouched, but mostly reworked by the painter Grégoire Hespel, who "Discovering the composition of this material, chose to reveal its nature, to attack it, freshly decovered, to reveal its aggregates, on the surface or in depth, to make it rough, even to pierce it", develop the prime contractors, also delighted to observe the ease with which their customers and patients "Have appropriated the project".

To learn more, visit the Richter Architectes et Associés site

Photographs: Luc Boegly

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