Dot Architects : Baitasi House of the Future

Will the house of tomorrow be fully glazed, saturated with screens and ruled by an authoritarian robot on wheels? Nothing is less certain, according to the dot Architects agency which signs in 2017 the renovation of a traditional house in Beijing (China) on behalf of a company specialized in high technologies. Their tour de force? Combine home automation and respect for the existing, without falling into the cliché.

At the origin of this house both traditional and anchored in the present - not to say the future - an order formulated by a company specializing in high technology from the agency dot Architects. Their request? Transform a pavilion of a historic district of Beijing into housing adapted to the daily practices of young people. To understand: a box at once comfortable and practical, conducive to work at home, to invite friends and colleagues.

To meet these specifications, the designers first strove to make its beautiful old wood structure building, topped with a roof covered with traditional wavy tiles, open courtyard and whose plan is summarized in a simple rectangular base volume. The ceiling and partitions in very bad have been removed, revealing in passing a rather pleasant surface and especially a sublime traditional framework. On the development side, two wooden boxes fixed on rails offer the possibility of modulating the space: in day mode, they can be contiguous to the walls in order to free the space necessary for the installation of a large office. In night mode, it is possible to slide them in the middle of the room to allow the appearance of two rooms. In addition, a third block - fixed this one - shelters a retractable bed allowing an additional guest to make sweet dreams. Note that residents do not have to move these systems manually, since each volume can be controlled via a conventional but intelligent television screen, which also controls lighting, curtains, security alarm and even appliances.

Avant-garde, Baitasi House of the Future is also thanks to its kitchen and toilets grouped together in a block apart, located in the courtyard and designed using the Wikihouse system, open-source software dedicated to the construction of dwelling. A preferred option for its speed of execution - the volume was manufactured digitally - and for its lesser impact on the site. Proof that the individual architecture of tomorrow can be both smart and measured, no offense to Disney and its House of the future, film released in 1999 in which the main character, all of breeze blocks and plaster, mistreats his occupants ...

To learn more, visit the Dot Architects website

Photographs: Wu Qingshan

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