Marc Fornes et In*Situ architecture : Marquise et Westside Natatorium

It is both a colorful tide, a floating pavilion and a giant mosaic ... Fruit of the imagination of the architect and artist Marc Fornes, this Marquise signals the entry of an equally impressive equipment: the Westside Natatorium of El Paso signed in 2018 by In * Situ architecture.

Last April. The Texans of El Paso inaugurated a new equipment: a vast volume paved in mixed structure (wood, metal, concrete), topped with a roof with two reversed sides and designed by the architects of In * Situ in order to shelter "50 x 25 swimming pool meters to host swimming and water polo competitions. " A work characterized by the particular care given to the light, testify the large windows facilitating the penetration of the rays of the sun, but also by a singular detail: the entrance, breakthrough in the west facade and "Deliberately untapped, underestimated", say the architects.

Did the In * Situ architecture team lose their minds? In any case, since this forgetting was intended to allow the artist and architect Marc Fornes to integrate into the project a "Sculptural canopy"as part of the public art program run by the El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department. Made from perforated aluminum panels screwed to each other and evoking a wind-blown sail, this light and colorful shelter rests on two concrete feet, which also act as seats. An excellent signpost, this Marquise of a new kind has a practical function for users: "It's a place of relaxation before diving, details his designer. As if the work asked visitors: "Why not sit there and enjoy a moment?" »

To learn more, visit the site of Marc Fornes et of In * Situ architecture

Photographs: NAARO and In * Situ architecture

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