BAST : Extension d'une chartreuse

BAST - the architecture firm of Toulouse laureate of the AJAP contest - proceeds between 2016 and 2018 to the extension of an old Carthusian monastery following the purchase by its customers of a small plot adjoining the existing one. As a result, the house has been reorganized and benefits from an extra room, halfway between a patio and an inner courtyard.

In Toulouse (31), a family of four acquires in 2016 a ribbon plot of 2,50 x 20 meters next to his house. Not knowing what to do with this surface, she uses the advice of the local agency BAST. After visiting the site, the architects suggest opening the house on this new courtyard, installing a glass roof, and finally reorganize the entire project. A proposal that the couple and their two children accept.

In fact, the BAST project is simple: refurbish a part of the living - kitchen and living - in the courtyard that will be protected by a glass roof. They will gain and surface on this floor, allowing them to bring down the room of the couple formerly at the first level, and even to make a large and pleasant master suite.

Problem: opening the house on the new patio involves disemboweling it for most of its length. But the young lady is no longer young, and she might well collapse. A difficulty that BAST overcomes by constructing three concrete columns supported each by two micropiles 11 meters long. Another embarrassment: the difference in level between the existing and the courtyard, located about 45 centimeters lower! Instead of filling this feature, the architects decide to assume it, and even to accentuate it, so that they leave the chartreuse soil for about a meter. There, they install the dining area: the high slab will act as a bench!

For the glass roof, the masters play MacGyver, - with success! - since they imagine a system consisting of several retractable glass panels and for which they divert a sliding gate motor. Thanks to this bright idea, the room in addition serves as a winter garden but also terrace on sunny days. Malin!

For more information, visit the website BAST

Photographs: BAST

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