Atelier Féret & Frechon : Complexe sportif de la Villette

Who said that sport should be practiced in a dark and cloistered space? Certainly not the teams of Atelier Féret & Frechon! Set in a two-hectare wooded meadow, the Villette Sports Complex of Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf (76) plays with its environment and allows nature to penetrate within it.

Located in the former park of the Clinic Saint-Côme - now missing - the project includes a set of 2 340 square meters housing the premises of the judo club and the Association of athletic strength as well as two areas of parking, one of 30 places for regular users of the room, one of 70 places spread over the shoulders of a planted driveway, dedicated to competitions. The separation of 100 parking spaces allows a slight impact on the landscape environment.

"Something of the essentiality of the outer expression and spirituality of the interior space of the Gunnar Asplund Wood Chapel seemed to us to sum up the posture to adopt, and to adopt at a civilian building" Atelier Féret & Frechon


A sleek treatment that is also found in the design of the low pavilion housing under the same roof all activities. The sober building with black bricks and anodized aluminum carpentry is devoid of signs indicating the nature of the whole. The whole is overhung by an overflowing zinc roof and is surrounded by a large glazed gallery whose openings are lined with a wood claustra. An addition that allows natural light to flood the place while connecting indoor spaces to the park. Two longitudinal sheds built on the raised end of the sports halls capture the sun's rays to the east and west. The white inner walls of the sheds allow these lights to reflect without disrupting sports practices. The work of the cuts focuses on resolving the distribution of day catch, filtering internal views and distribution integrated technical facilities. The symmetrical distribution of the lights provided by the sheds and the filtering of the views of the park create the desired effect of concentrating and sacralizing the interior spaces of the dojo and the athletic force hall.

The whole, on one level, is organized around the club house and the lobby serving in succession the three main volumes: the dojo, the athletic hall of strength and the meeting space. At the height of man, the outer wood screens filter streaks of blonde light that echo the volumes of timber and glulam beams, suggesting an aesthetic similar to that of dojos and oriental martial arts halls.

A Zen haven in the heart of the Seine Maritime.

The project is selected for the 2019 ADC Awards in the Sport category

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website and theAtelier Féret & Fréchon

Photographs: DR

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