Jacques Ferrier Architecture : Aqualagon

Could we have found Atlantis in the Seine-et-Marne? Perhaps, to see the Aqualagon water park imagined by Jacques Ferrier, out of the water ... Directed for Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs and Euro Disney, the complex, opened in October 2017, is home to water games, toboggans, and other wave pools ... Put on your jerseys, Muuuz take you a dip!

The history of Aqualagon goes back to November 2010, date when the companies Pierre & Vacances and Euro Disney officially announce their project of Villages Natures, hybrid complexes between CenterParcs and Disneyland Paris. It was in the first Village Nature of the name, installed in Seine-et-Marne, that the Jacques Ferrier Architecture agency was commissioned to design a building that could accommodate all the water games planned by the bird on the wings. hardwoods and his partner with big ears. A task whose complexity is inherent in the program itself: how to combine the authenticity of a natural landscape requested by the project owner with the frankly entertaining nature of an amusement park? In other words, how to give the feeling that lakes and gardens are "real" while they are accompanied by great toboggans multiplying loops?


A paradoxical challenge to which the designers responded with a hybrid creation: "Like an origami, our proposal is like a landscape that unfolds, to culminate at about 27 meters: it is a landscape built, erected in the sky. (...) It is not an element posited in the landscape, but a continuity of the landscape itself "explain the architects of the agency. A kind of prosthesis to complete the natural site therefore, which is in the form of a giant shell in wood structure dressed in glass. "Largely open to the southwest, the park is bathed in light all year long", complete the designers, insisting on the integration of the project in its environment.

But better than a simple "bell" to shelter the water games, Aqualagon Jacques Ferrier is also an invitation to walk and contemplation. Thus, the roof is equipped with entirely passable terraces, a little as the Philharmonic of Jean Nouvel allows. As it, moreover, a lift offers visitors the opportunity to climb to the top to admire the site and the various shows and other fireworks organized on occasion. Because to believe Mickey, nature is never as beautiful as under the light of pyrotechnicians ...

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Photographs: Luc Boegly