ECDM Architectes : Ensemble mixte Binet

Make the arrival of tourists to the hotel an extension of the view by plane during the overflight of the city Light ... It is from this beautiful idea that the architects Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec imagined the whole mixed Binet, delivered this year in the 18e arrondissement of Paris, which hosts two hotels, a business and offices.

Located at the corner of the Avenue de la Porte de Montmartre and the Rue Maurice Grimaud, just next to the ring road, the Binet mixed complex built by the architects of the ECDM agency stands on nine floors such as the Concorde when he left the tarmac. Ordered by the real estate developer Spie Batignolles, the building, composed of several layers slightly offset from each other along a vertical axis "Devoted to fluids and circulations", hosts on more than 7 000 square meters two hotels, a business and offices.


A sharp volumetry privileged among others to fit in the built context, particularly marked by the presence of the hotel Binet companies designed parallel by the AZC workshop. "In the manner of an open book, the architectural elements are matched, inscribed in the same alignment: the pedestal is perfectly extended, just like the generators that define the ridge, the recesses or the attic figures", thus specify Emmanuel Combarel and Dominique Marrec.

In addition, if the ECDM project, dressed in slate as it is, rises in the manner of a black arrow pointing to the sky, it is also to offer a breathtaking view of the Capital. Because although the hotels are respectively installed 2e the 4e floor and 5e the 6e floor, the lobby of the second, standing four stars, is surprisingly at the very last level. "Access is from a reception on the roof of the city, a place to understand the journey, to understand Paris, this open territory deployed in a continuum without limit, whose white horizon is punctuated by magnificent emergences", conclude the designers. A nice way to extend the excitement of the plane trip ...

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Photographs: Salem Mostefaoui