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Paris, nebulous city, dense ... Building land is scarce, and yet ... the capital still contains nuggets that have escaped the real estate frenzy, plots or hollow teeth scattered here and there. In the 14e borough, the Wild Rabbits agency took possession of one of them. In place of a tiny hovel, the studio implants an impressive draped seven levels: the House folded.

If it is said that having a rabbit aboard his ship brings bad luck, the architects of Wild Rabbits seem here to prove the opposite. Between the studio Wild Rabbits and their customers, it is indeed a story that goes back to 2010, when the couple discovered his work in a television show with his self-built loft in the 18e district of Paris. It is decided, the sponsors will appeal to him for their house project, which will prove unfortunately unfeasible, for financial questions. But this is only part of the discount. A few years later, the builders recall the two Wild Rabbits, aka Vladimir Doray and Fabrice Lagarde and ask them to build " something crazy " on the Paris plot they have just acquired not far from Montparnasse station. They did not know yet what sauce they would be eaten!

"We had two solutions. Either affirm the existing home of 2 / 3 levels, or give yourself the freedom to make the extraordinary residence that we have been asked ", book Vladimir Doray. The second solution wins. At the original kiosk with forecourt will take over a monumental 7 level house lined up on the jig of neighboring buildings. The challenge of such an undertaking was therefore to make two scales coincide: that of the individual housing and that of the Parisian building. "In just three meetings, we had defined a strategy and the architectural approach: to densify the urban fabric, sums up Vladimir. Then it's the place that guided us. "


Indeed, withdrawal and openings are the direct result of alignment with neighboring Haussmann buildings and local urban standards. Side street, the balconies shooting, not counted in the COS (Coefficient of Occupation of the Soils) - because arranged outside -, could thus be added to the project, behind a drapery in spiral steel mesh, without increasing the habitable surface - 258 total square meters - while putting the street at a distance and limiting the vis-à-vis. This pierced skin of 18 meters high that starts on the second floor offers the owners the opportunity to see without being seen and to penetrate a filtered natural light in the heart of the residence, set in a dense and dark urban fabric. On the ground of the terraces, metal gratings extend this game of transparency from the facade to the ground floor. "We have the impression that we will get through Vladimir amuses himself. In the palette of tools available to architects, I had never thought of using fear. "
Another regulatory sleight of hand: the positioning of secondary areas - such as the kitchen - in the back and behind 2 meters from the parcel boundary allowed the integration of large windows, where it would have been impossible with main parts.

On the internal organization side, the lack of sun on the ground floor and the narrowness of the land - 6 x 10 meters - led the two Wild Rabbits to dispose of the living spaces in the upper levels to which the occupant has been accessing for a long time. hall, deliberately dark, open on a small garden. "We wanted an entrance that crushes us, before taking the plane with the elevator and thus bring out a surprise effect", summarizes Vladimir. Direction the 6e floor, with its kitchen open on a living room in duplex glazed massively with terrace. Below him, on concrete trays of up to 40 square meters take place from top to bottom: owners' house, office, guest rooms and an independent double height studio.

An atypical distribution for a project out of convention in a city that sometimes ... floundering.

To learn more, visit the site of Wild Rabbits Architecture

Photographs: Daniel Moulinet

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