Bruno Gaudin Architectes : Médiathèque Louis Aragon

A media library in an old castle ... Here is a beautiful place given to culture! Delivered this year by the agency Bruno Gaudin Architects, the media library Louis Aragon occupies the site of the castel de la Motte, in Stains (93). A renovation / extension operation conducted to offer bibliophiles, film buffs and other ludophiles a showcase of their favorite works ...

In Stains, in Seine-Saint-Denis, the portal of the old Château de la Motte acts as a machine to go back in time; historical vestige, it testifies to the numerous constructions and demolitions inflicted with the castel. Although they are still standing despite the eddies of history - with in mind, the Franco-German war 1870 and its bombings - the entrance porch and its keystone with the effigy of the god Neptune n ' welcome more castellans, but lovers of culture. Indeed, since a few months, the site hosts the media library Louis Aragon and 50 000 documents borrowed or available on site; a renovation carried out for four years by Bruno Gaudin Architects for Plaine Commune.


"The castle is at the origin of the composition, explain the designers. The remains left by History - mainly the porch and the old courtyard - guided the design of the new building. " As a result, the concrete construction demonstrates a willingness to account for the old U-shaped property plan, except that instead of the courtyard there is now a large double-height space. It is there, under a ceiling clad in a laminated wood net that novels, news, and other stories of adventures wait patiently for a reader in search of escape to devour them. In addition, a mezzanine that is accessed by a curved staircase completes the so-called space "Reading". Around this nucleus are the other elements of the program: work rooms, offices, "Pole albums and first readings" and auditorium on the ground floor; «Music and images center» and technical parts upstairs.


Anxious to propose a happy marriage between the existing and its extension, the team of Bruno Gaudin gives a particular care to the apparent materials: "The textures, although of different colors and tones, make a subtle dialogue between the two entities. As for the new building, we favored stone, wood, glass and aluminum. On the château side, it is the lime rendering, the stone frames, the cornices and the sculptures, all restored, which will restore to the existing its panache of formerly " conclude the architects.

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Photos: Takuji Shimmura