L’Autre Fabrique : Siège Korus

"I was seen in the Vercors" ... to admire the new Korus headquarters erected by the Autre Fabrique in the small village of Isère, La Murette (38). The company, which will soon celebrate its 30 years of activities, is specialized in the design and development of tertiary, banking and commercial spaces. And if shoemakers are often the worst shod, no question for them to honor this adage!

Beginning 2017, Charles Marcolin - founder of Korus -, has the (not so) crazy idea to gather his teams in a collaborative workplace, closer to the big collocation than the world of business, where living together and the communication would be at the heart of the project with the constraint of not relocating teams working from 1998 in the Bavarian hills.

If Charles Marcolin's employees were previously distributed in a two-storey horizontal building, they now officiate in the former hangar, transformed into 2.0 1 Tertiary Space 410 square meters with interior layout located between factory and rural barn. To arrive at such a result, the designers had to answer four crucial issues: they had to imagine a flexible, open and shared workplace; stimulate the creativity of Korus employees; to create a dynamic exemplary, making the new headquarters the showcase of the brand and make the building a responsible and sustainable.


Keeping only the frame and the roof of the old storage place, the contractors have decided to replace the side façades with wooden frame walls covered with pre-greyed Douglas fir cladding with random vertical waves. and pierced with wide openings offering unparalleled views of the green environment of the site. A mezzanine in metal frame completes the whole and is accessible thanks to a stair-amphitheater made from panels of lamibois in regional beech. It conceals the technical room and storage space and at the same time has a forum function allowing the organization of meetings during which employees take place directly on the steps with cushions.

The hangar also hosts, in addition to this informal open space, three meeting rooms - located against the blind gable of the existing building - acoustic booths, boxes and a space of concentration. Warning, smartphones banned!
To counterbalance this studious atmosphere, the design teams installed recreational spaces in the former adjacent headquarters, which they named "The Hive". It is also by this place where spontaneous meetings, pauses and conversations on the thumb follow one another that the visitor enters the premises of Korus. True place of effervescence, "La Ruche" also extends outside thanks to two terraces: a small north and a large south including a shade and concrete walkways overlooking the valley.

What (almost) to spend your life at work!

The project is selected for the ADC Awards 2019 in the category Tertiary / Rehabilitation

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website and L 'Other Factory.

Photographs: Luc Boegly

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