Stéphane Fernandez - Atelier Fernandez & Serres : Ecole communale Jacqueline de Romilly

With the Mediterranean landscape in sight, the teams at Fernandez & Serres offer an elegant and refined school, echoing the hills of Cannes and the light of the South. A tribute to the notion of southern time, so special.

We remember small communal stone schools in the village of our grandparents, close to the church or the town hall, simple stone buildings surrounding the playground. The Cannes school (06) Jacqueline de Romilly is the opposite of this vernacular architecture, borrowing its refinement from museums and other cultural spaces. Including 9 kindergarten and 14 primary classes, the 5 000 square school set accommodates young children in exceptional, rare conditions for a program of this typology. The operation also includes the creation of a parking 2 500 square meters, 80 square meters of housing and a large gym of 800 square meters.


Set on an inland slope, embracing the foothills of the Alps, the hotel reinterprets the landmark elements of the landscape of the region and takes place in this complex topography through a game of cuttings / embankments. The minerality of the soil on which it arises is prolonged in the materiality of the building. Concrete monolith and travertine stone facades are the soul and identity of the building on which the sun's rays offer tonal variations as the day progresses. A light that does not weaken once the thick walls crossed because, thanks to the presence of sheds, the place has a diffused overhead lighting, creating a peaceful atmosphere, conducive to learning.

What to focus in the best conditions!

The project is selected for the ADC Awards 2019 in the category Teaching / Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website et from Fernandez & Serres

Photographs: Stéphane ABOUDARAM | WE ARE CONTENT (S)

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