Thibaud Babled : La Haluchère

Located at the corner of Jules Verne Boulevard and the Paris road of Nantes (44), La Haluchère is home to both the PELNM Headquarters, Pôle emploi offices and a program of 37 housing. At the crossroads of the city center and the periphery, Thibaud Babled's project also connects distant entities with brilliance.

Standing proudly on its parcel, the 5 105 set of square meters seems at first sight to be a massive cube, a raw frame leaving little room for subtlety. And yet, there is nothing! Divided into two parallelepipedic translucent volumes, the building hosts on the north facade the offices of Pôle emploi on the ground floor and those of Nantes Métropole on the five remaining levels, each of the spaces enjoying a diffused natural light thanks to the omnipresence of breakthroughs. Juxtaposed with the tertiary entity, a raised volume at the green roof delineates the green parts and outdoor spaces.
To the south, medical offices are dominated by apartments. Everything is carefully organized around an intimate alley on which gives the most prominent bow housing oriented south and punctuated with large sunny balconies.


The Erdre and Loire Nantes Métropole cluster demonstrates the subtlety of treatment that is hidden behind the Haluchère mass. The atrium, located in the heart of the building, is a case of light, completely hollowed out. Consisting of open concrete crowns with glazed guardrails, the whole is clear and nothing obstructs the sun's rays. Heat is added to this airspace with the presence of parquet and wooden furniture elements.

A mixed program that also mixes genres brilliantly!

The project is selected for the 2019 ADC Awards in the Mixed category

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website et Thibaud Babled

Photographs: DR

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