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"Rigot Stalars is above all the story of a meeting and a common will: those of a project leader and an architect wishing to preserve the architectural qualities of a historic site while placing it firmly in a sensitive modernity. " This is how the Coldefy & Associés teams talk about their flexible and modular project based in Dunkerque (59): a bridge between past, present and future.

Installed - in part - in an old fabric factory, an area of ​​activity that has long made the glory of the city of Dunkerque, Rigot Stalars enhances the historical and architectural heritage of the region while inscribing a current aesthetic and contemporary. From this rehabilitation emerges a "third place", point of convergence of many programs: coworking spaces, headquarters of Work & co, offices, nursery, points of restoration or school cohabit under the same roof in a surprising harmony.


In order to preserve the openwork stone facades of the existing building, a single new building was installed, hosting a cafeteria and the nursery. Largely glazed, its very presence is a showcase of period architecture and opens onto the adjacent water garden.
Inside the old building, the space organization is conserved but modernized: over the hoists whose locations are now equipped with elevators. The thick walls are embellished with new openings, allowing to discover the site from new angles and to plunge the circulations in a diffuse and pleasant natural light.

Concerning the installations, the builders bet on strong contrasts between the eras and confront the brutality of the place with a purification of the contemporary elements. On the two existing floors are added two more, created by two slabs of concrete slipped between the existing trays. These levels host the tertiary sector - meeting rooms and multiple offices.

An example of successful rehabilitation.

The project is selected for the 2019 ADC Awards in the Mixed category

To learn more, visit the ADC Award websites and de Coldefy & Associates

Photographs: Julien Lanoo

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