Lankry Architectes : Pharmacie et services de soins

Architectural intervention in an existing heritage is always delicate: should we play contrast or continuity? What is the limit between transformation and denaturation? Between harmonious extension and unsightly addition? In Bourges (18), Lankry is doing more with less to find the legibility and lost functionality of a section of the hospital campus.

When the George Sand Hospital Group wants to introduce heterogeneous programs into two of these historic - then abandoned - buildings, Lankry Architects first responds with parsimonious demolition. By removing the many parasitic extensions built in the past, the two classic buildings, inherited from the suburban development model of the hospital in the late nineteenth century, are revealed. Two volumes that - once emptied and priests - offer elegant facades, simple geometries, generous volumes and shallow casting depth.

Then comes the issue of programmatic distribution. The central pharmacy with its clean rooms, the therapeutic workshops, the gymnasium, the tertiary services, the training rooms and the social assistance service are finally articulated according to a public / private logic, answering also to different technical and safety regulations . The South Pavilion becomes the one for the reception of patients, when the North Pavilion houses the pharmaceutical complex.

With the study of the complex process related to the drugs and their diffusion in the different poles of the hospital emerges the necessity to consider an extension to the North pavilion. A new volume is wrapped around the historic building, in a basic but fundamentally contemporary aesthetic. A first floor parallelepiped runs along the north facade and hosts laboratories, offices and technical elements. A second volume, placed on the first cantilever, houses the air handling machinery and delimits the air delivery and shipping to the East.

A corrugated and perforated metal sheeting forms the skin of these new buildings. A uniform material whose chisels allow a controlled natural light intake while preventing the outside eyes from penetrating. As if to better marry the past and the present, the historic buildings are equipped with aluminum joinery and external blinds reusing this motif.

Then, as architects Lankry invokes: "The facade appears bright, light and elegant, as simple as all existing facades. Eventually, both buildings will regain their integrity and their original rigor. The additional features of the pharmacy will be seen as complementary, technical and contemporary equipment. Wish granted!

The project is selected for the ADC Awards 2019 in the category Health

To learn more, visit the ADC Awards website et of Lankry Architects.

Photographs: DR

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