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The fame of Wellington College (England) is not likely to falter! With its various teachings, the establishment of Berkshire is now complemented by an arts center established in the extension of the existing theater. A way for studious students who are passionate about the performing arts to practice their talents in a place reminiscent of ancient amphitheatres.

Taking place in one of the many forests of the region, the campus of the British University enjoys an exceptional environment of 160 hectares. A special site that inspires Studio Seilern in charge of the design of the new Performance Arts Center whose circular silhouette is covered with wood fixed vertically and calcined according to the Japanese method. shou sugi ban, thus preserving the natural appearance of the material.


The set can accommodate up to 1 400 people is thought of the way of historic Greek buildings without corners, giving privacy to the performance and strengthening the link between actors and spectators. It includes a theater with 900 seating and a reception area. At the ground level, a ramp runs along a glass strip and winds around the structure, lightening the construction that appears as floating a few inches from the ground.

Much attention is paid to acoustics, the key to quality performance. Inside, wooden balcony facades project sound throughout the space, reinforcing the theatrical experience. The red steps are also flexible, allowing different types of creations to be performed in the amphitheater without constraint.

Show must go on!

To learn more, visit the website of Studio Seilern Architects

Photographs: Hufton + Crow

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