Svendborg : Maison des Arts de Kildegården

The former Kildegården military base in Roskilde (Denmark) changes its face! Military training now gives way to works of art, installations and performances of all kinds. A turning point for the city that marks the tension between urban transformations and heritage conservation.

Because of its barracks past, the 39 000 square meters site appears as a closed place, not conducive to entertainment. Abandoned by the soldiers in the 1970 years, the buildings were hitherto poorly exploited for various purposes, without any real desire for unification. An unfortunate finding that inspired the municipality the realization of a multi-faceted artistic pole including the transformation of existing buildings and the creation of outdoor spaces. Eventually, the project will include, in addition to the arts house, a gymnasium and housing.


The first stage of the program consists of changing the steep terrain into a pleasant place at the crossroads of Roskilde's sports and cultural activities. Community gardens, basketball courts and even skate ramps now welcome the inhabitants of the small Danish community in search of outdoor entertainments.

The Art House takes center stage in the heart of Kildegården Square. Installed on a square plan, the single-storey building covered with specular red aluminum panels is dominated by a pitched roof over seven meters. Inside, the entire space - ceiling and walls - is covered with acoustic panels and the walls of the single room alternate between bay windows and storage furniture. Beyond a place of creation, the house of arts wants to be a point of gathering and cohesion between artists and spectators.

A set that revitalizes the life of Kildegården without difficulty

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Photographs: Rasmus Hjortshøj, COAST Studio