Revue Pli : Numéro 04

For the theme of its fourth edition, the annual review Pli - after tackling the conflicts last year -, today chooses to explore issues related to the subject. Whether it is first, architectural, narrative, graphic or even culinary, it comes in testimonials, articles, storytelling, graphics and other collaborations. A transdisciplinary approach for emerging creative questions.

After examining the subject of conflict through pages of green clad, the periodical, recognizable by its monochromatic editorial treatment, chooses red for its fourth impression, turned to the subject (s). A basic theme that explores different states of matter, from concrete to impalpable. Five artists and designers participate in the over-coverage: Fanette Mellier, The Graphizers, Spassky Fischer, Irradiated Workshop, and Leo Grunstein & Camille Berger thus interpret the subject in the form of a contemporary composition.
Combining architecture with publishing, the editorial program, resulting from rich collaborations, brings together the work of 17 illustrators and about twenty authors from Europe and Canada. For the first time since its creation, the book enriches its pages with excerpts from glossy graphic and photographic creations that punctuate transdisciplinary reading and content.


Unlike previous editions, Fold is not organized by chapters. It gives freedom to collaborations of authors and illustrators to determine their own field of exploration and to express their thoughts in various formats and materialities. Thus, if Philippe Rahm (architect) opens the debate with "A history of material in architecture and color", others will see the theme in the form of testimony, in the manner of the architect Ruth Oldham who writes "A Hill Made by People "in French:" An artificial hill ", (Ruth Oldham, architect) when the heading" Matter to dream "travels urbanity from the angle of utopia.
The designer Baptiste Mayniel and the designer and scenographer Elisa Bertron take the part of personifying the matter ("Matter to dess (e) in: some thoughts", "The house that captures you, the personified matter") and the thus explore through symbolic approximations. Pli also organizes the reflection of its stakeholders on storage issues: "Archiving architecture", through the reuse and renewal of the material "Rebus and resilience", the cluster, the waste, the rejection and others challenges that the Anthropocene period gives to exploit.

If the first pages draw conclusions and introduce historical elements to the remarks, the last ones propose to conclude on an appetizing note, through an architectural and culinary tale.

The complementarity between historical elements and graphic and poetic experiments can be summed up in a finely documented collection, despite a sometimes clumsy articulation.

Fold takes a critical and fresh look at issues largely rooted in the news.

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Photographs: DR Fold, Hello Boy Studio

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