The system Lab : Kosmos, Healing Stay

The System Lab studio is designing a hotel complex forming a serene enclave on the island of Ullenugdo (Korea). The Healing Stay Kosmos is made up of two villas that display a remarkable plasticity and finesse and whose forms and history are directly from the volcanic island which is full of waterfalls, temples and ancient forests.

Healing Stay Kosmos is a haven for hikers and curious visitors looking for peace and quiet. Ulleungdo - located at 350km west of Seoul - is a historic site whose richness has inspired Changjoong Kim, architect of the studio The System Lab, for the creation of this inn of more than 5 000 square meters, installed flank cliff.


The immaculate ensemble forms two porcelain interiors in the middle of the black rocks of the peninsula. The very thin folds of their envelopes shape a shell that wraps around five waves leaning against the first volume, and six spiral branches for the second. Their bumpy silhouettes act like a canvas on which a light show, created by the moon and the sun, is played continuously. The complex consists of two high performance concrete buildings. The first, the Villa Terre, contains 8 rooms while the second, the Villa Kosmos operates as an independent residence whose four rooms are made available to one and the same tenant, in the manner of a private rental.

The interior space, also designed by the agency The System Lab, takes again the figure of the four natural elements, always in a will of architectural retranscription of the mysticity characteristic of the island. Different themes are applied to the rooms organized around sober wooden furniture - designed by the Park Keun A agency - and echo the earth, water, fire and air. The U-shaped openings in the rooms, which adorn the conch shell, offer exceptional views of the Sea of ​​Japan. The esoteric living spaces have volcanic stone walls with shades ranging from gray to blue and are organized around sinuous basins. The dining room unfolds under a cathedral ceiling and furnished with elements of noble wood furniture, such as a large oak dining table. The vertical openings of the living room, like contemporary stained glass windows, support the solemn aspect of the common space.
The two saunas of the hotel pay a last tribute to the star shapes of the moon and the sun. The Jacuzzi, the sunken bridge and the outdoor bathtub are designed to connect curvaceously the spaces of the guests to the immensity of the place.

The enigmatic profile of Healing Stay Kosmos reinvents an organic relationship between the building and its site.

To learn more, visit The System Lab website

Photographs: Kim Yong Kwan

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