Inessa Hansch Architecte : Campus de Belval

The campus of the Faculty of Sciences in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) is located on a former industrial site which left a vestige at first unattractive. By enhancing its intervention thanks to an airy structure with a remarkable identity, the architect Inessa Hansch offers users a meeting point where circulations and activities are carried out in a spontaneous and recreational way.

In relation with the monumental scale of the industrial buildings around the Faculty of Sciences, the whole takes place on a wasteland not very adapted to the outside activities. By setting up in the heart of the former industrial site of Esch-sur-Alzette a graphic structure composed of scaffolding on four levels - alternating industrial and mineral materials - the Inessa Hansch Architects office refers to the unique and complex campus location. . Thanks to their intervention of 466 square meters, architects encourage a greater variety and intensity of uses.


They imagine for this purpose a skeleton exploitable and adjustable in three copies distributed in different places of the site, with the intention of composing a recessed frame and opened, stainless steel, which allows the traffic of the pedestrians to be carried out independently of the other activities of the faculty. The new campus program includes a projection area, a central garden and areas dedicated to sports or walking.

The metal composition frames, concentrates and redistributes the flow of students on the campus, moving public spaces on platforms at height. The floors in concrete panels, completed by artificial resin filling, make up the light and solid foundations of the mezzanines, accessible by stairs to railings in lacquered steel or stainless steel mesh. By working on the depths and scales, the architect encourages exchanges and mobility, through various visual sequences, between close-up views of the vegetation at the first levels, and a broader view of the area, accessible from the ground up. last stage.

Positioned along a traversing axis, the structure is accessible from several entry points, located both inside and outside the square. The construction is composed of several identical modules stacked on top of each other, the sizes of which correspond with the width of the concrete platforms of the blast furnaces on which they are installed. The recessed elements of 3,6 x 3,6 meters in length and width, and 3 meters in height, are thus superimposed on a total height of 12 meters. Each module presents a typology of different use: lookouts, walkways, arcades, stairs and alcoves are in fact arranged to multiply the experiences and correspond to a maximum of uses and situations observable in the public space.

The architecture displays generous and easily identifiable dimensions, generating three-dimensional spaces that correspond to the needs of the campus, namely the adaptability and livability of the campus.

A light intervention that wakes up an unattractive site, offering new opportunities for student entertainment.

To learn more, visit the site of Inessa Hansch

Photographs: Maxime Delvaux

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