Orma Architettura : Observatoire du Cerf Corse

After giving the opportunity to tourists to discover the three mountains of Casamaccioli (22) with Casa Vanella, the Orma Architettura teams are once again promoting the beauty island's heritage through the construction of three observatories in the Corsica Regional Nature Park. A sober and modest program where the landscape and its inhabitants are kings.

Covering nearly 40% of the total surface of the Mediterranean island, the Natural Park is the subject, since 1985, of a program of reintroduction of the Corsican deer, species formerly emblematic of the region which saw its population strongly reduced to the end of the 1960 years. An era now over since the presence of reds in mountainous areas has been widely multiplied since the implementation of the project.


A success of the first phase of the program that starts a second: the awareness of visitors to the fragility of the animal species. To do this, the local authorities turned to the Orma Architettura agency for the establishment of observatories on the outcrops of Saint-Pierre-de-Venaco, Castifao and Quenza, the three favorite deer areas.

"As evidenced by the play of shadows and lights that cross the wooden clones borrowed from nearby forests, the project seeks to gain acceptance of the landscape without losing it. " Footprint Architecture

Designed with respect to the environment, the 4 square meter cabins are raised on the rocks so as not to disturb the deer and are thus accessible by a ladder fixed to the structure. The anchoring structure - visible through the wood skirt - facilitates the assembly of elements built on their rocky site. The three facilities are characterized by rectilinear shapes that echo the trunks of adjacent trees. Built by local artisans, the views are made from vertical wooden slats spaced from each other, slatted, revealing the exceptional panorama and allowing to observe the fauna of the region without being seen .

What to admire the vastness of the Corsican wilderness without ever disturbing it.

Project title : Corsican Deer Observatory
City, Country: Regional Natural Park of Corsica (2018 Castifao - 20231 Venaco - 20122 Quenza)
Owner: Regional Natural Park of Corsica
Mastery of work : Footprint Architecture
Area : 4 m² (each observatory)
Cost of works: 24000 € HT
Calendar : 2018 delivery

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Photographs: Julien Kerdraon and David Giancatarina