KUMA & ELSA : Hut of Silver

As mysterious as it is, the forest world will soon have no secrets. Designed to break through the forest, the Hut of Silver at Attignat-Oncin (73) is a discreet structure created by the agency Kuma & Elsa which offers an experience all in shadow and light.

While rural villages are more in direct contact with nature than their neighboring metropolises, they often lack amenities that bring people closer to a more sensitive and reflective experience of their wooded environment.
It is for this reason that the Community of Communes Lake Aiguebelette organized a contest in 2018 to introduce Attignat-Oncin - a small village of Savoie located in the Regional Natural Park of Chartreuse - a device linked with the very imaginary imagination of the huts of childhood, and the whimsical stories that populated this sweet time.


A challenge won by Kuma & Elsa, an international architecture and urban planning agency created by the Japanese architect Shohei Kuma and French-Spanish designer and planner Elsa Esobedo.
On this occasion, the duo designs the Hut of Silver, a wooden pavilion designed to accommodate walks, moments of meditation, strolling and resting the inhabitants of the village. With a privileged location in the heart of the village - between the church of St. Martin, the primary school and the town hall - the hut becomes an open living space and made available to the neighborhood and tourists.

Constructed of local pine wood, the stilt-roofed structure is dominated by a two-sided roof and has two vertical openings to the east and west, allowing the Hut of Silver to be bathed in light at dawn and darken to the rhythm of the course of the sun. These breaches open over the entire height of the pavilion and are extended inside by an elegant ridge beam made of silver foil.
The lightness of the pavilion is thought to recall the sybillin darkness of the adjacent church. In the middle of the forest, brightness penetrates the pavilion gradually, leaving the interior to communicate in a sensitive and progressive way with its wooded environment. The fine silver line transforms the vertical landscape into an abstract reflection, which responds with humility and accuracy to the forest atmosphere thus preserved.

A subtle introduction to the call of the forest!

To learn more, visit the Kuma & Elsa website

Photographs: Shohei Kuma