Miguel Ángel Aragones : Rombo IV

Do you remember the fables in which the virginal swan was transformed into a sublime princess once the sun set? Tales that have, it seems, cradled the childhood of the architect Miguel Ángel Aragones, who realizes a minimalist villa in Mexico City (Mexico) hiding his lot of surprises. All dressed in white, the purified house shines by its sobriety at the lights of noon. But when night falls ...

Often guided by a desire for timeless aesthetics and almost total purification, minimalist residences sometimes tend to fall into a sterile, redundant standardization. An observation made by the Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragones who tries, in his country of origin, to combine modernist design and contemporary madness through Rombo IV, a villa of 1 102 square meters located in the district of Bosques de las Lomas.


The building is part of the complex of "Los Rombos", consisting of four private bodies including a studio and four houses. These spaces are linked visually to each other thanks to skilful geometric cuts and a minimalist treatment assumed, biased that does not escape the fourth element of this mini-neighborhood. Spread over three levels, the immaculate granite ensemble is characterized by graphic openings and a great enhancement of the natural light which penetrates the interior through many windows and which is reflected outside by reflecting on mirrors of water and on the clear walls of the building.

The ground floor hosts living rooms, organized around a double-height veranda leading to a triangular courtyard surrounded by lush vegetation.
The three bedrooms are on the first floor. When the parental suite gives on this same court, the two other penates open on a terrace giving views on a pond placed above the garage. The last level is also overlooked by a protected swimming pool on all sides. A series of subtle cuts reveals the surrounding nature and enjoys the rays of the sun.

"I wanted to have an exterior that protects privacy, to be seen only by the sky, the air or the sun; that the house can be inhabited with solitude. " Miguel Ángel Aragones, architect

A rhythmic and bare set that takes a different look at dusk and acts as a blank canvas where color is welcome. Still occupying a central place, the light is this time less discreet, emanating from neons blue, orange, purple, pink or red, whose beams come to redraw the space. Not unlike the works of Dan Flavin, these lights are governed by specific combinations creating scenarios studied, giving a new dimension to minimalist design.

«Less is - not always - more»

To learn more, visit the Miguel Ángel Aragones website

Photograph: Joe Fletcher

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