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The Belgian company Fosbury & Sons, with the complicity of the Antwerp office of architects Going East, offers a makeover to the CBR building inaugurated in the 1970 years, transforming it into a modernist co-working space.

Shared workspaces are on the rise. After the Watt tower in Antwerp (Belgium), the co-working company Fosbery & Sons continues to weave its web across the country. Determined to break the codes of office life, its founders Maarten Van Gool and Serge Hannecart, have called on the duo of Antwerp architects Going East to rehabilitate an iconic building in Brussels: the CBR building. A monumental modernist building erected in the 1970 years by the Belgian-Polish architect Constantin Brodz, composed of 756 curved concrete modules with oval windows inspired by the Bauhaus.

"Our challenge was to make the building both contemporary and timeless, and that our proposals blend in perfectly with the existing architecture. " Michiel Mertens and Anaïs Torfs, architects.

The sleek style and vintage patina brought by the time to this building are found on the nine floors reinvested by the architects Michiel Mertens and Anaïs Torfs, where are deployed private offices, collective offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums on almost 7 000 meters squares bathed in light.


On the decorative side, Calder's mobiles combine with modern pieces of furniture. Leather armchairs and wooden seats dressed with woolen skins are placed here and there near the offices made of oak. Exterior materials such as polished concrete and stainless steel are used in spaces with graphic and clean lines.

Gourmands will appreciate the culinary offerings and cocktails proposed at the bar restaurant of the eighth floor with a panoramic view on the forest of Soignes. We almost forget the primary purpose of this place: work.


"We want to make a difference in people's lives by having a positive impact on their quality of life. It is high time to preach a positive vision of work, far from burn-outs and absenteeism, which are plagues of modern times ... " Maarten Van Gool and Serge Hannecart, founders of Fosbury & Sons.

Designed as a place of life and meeting conducive to creativity, this architectural masterpiece also has exhibition spaces. On the program, many artistic collaborations with the Galerie Rodolphe Janssen.

Here is a beautiful project.

For more information, visit the website Fosbury & Sons And the one of Going East


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