Oppenheim Architecture : Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse

The architects of Oppenheim Architecture invite us to explore the mysteries of the Jordan desert with the Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse, a newly opened curving sports complex near the port of Aqaba.

Set on the coastal city of Aqaba in Jordan, the Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse seems straight out of the sand. Its organic form inspired by the relief landscape of the Wadi Rum desert is the result of a bold project carried by the European agency Oppenheim Architecture: that of inscribing this golf club of another time in the extension of the Oasis of Ayla on the Red Sea. An ancient Muslim city of the region, whose sports field proudly bears the name.


As an ode to the culture of the nomadic Bedouin people, its frame elaborated from local stones has been studied to reproduce the natural curves of the sand dunes so that it fits better in the surrounding nature. Thus, its coating is adorned with ocher tones worked from natural pigments and clay, while the traditional moucharabiehs - coming to lighten its structure - filter the light in a subtle play of shadow according to the race of the sun.

If the exterior invites contemplation, the interior spaces are no less equally exotic. Its various rooms, separated by monumental glass windows, house a spa, a dining area and an analysis studio to evaluate the swing of its future golfers - who will have the honor of training. on a course of 18 holes thought by Australian golfer Greg Norman.

We would lose the head!

To learn more, visit the site ofOPPENHEIM ARCHITECTURE

Photographs: RORY GARDINER

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