JCPCDR : Forest House

Eager to be able to create in an intimate space, a musician recently installed in the countryside contacted the French agency JCPCDR so that they rehabilitate the garden shed of his new home in a contemporary studio isolated. A haven of finesse in the heart of a green environment.

With a budget limited to 10 000 euros, the mission entrusted to JCPCDR announced itself complicated. And yet, with a little trickery and a judicious choice of materials, the master builders succeed in mastering the idea of ​​imagining a space that is both confidential and open.


Small space certainly, but great ideas. Designed to meet all the needs of its owner, the building is equipped with electricity and a wood heating, an outdoor shower and dry toilets. Partially open, the studio alternates between vertical wooden sticks from waste from a nearby sawmill and glass and steel panels from a decommissioned factory. The large bay windows and a triangular zenith opening give natural light to the space and frame the different perspectives of the land from the kitchen garden to the main house of the 1940 years.

What benefit from a few hours of calm close to home.

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Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard