Patriarche : Eklo Hôtels

The group Eklo Hotels put on the green and continues to weave its web on the French territory with its brand new establishment located on the right bank of Bordeaux, just sacred fifth virtuous hotel of the hexagon.

The architectural firm Patriarche awakens the sleeping beauty by unveiling Eklo Bordeaux, a fully eco-responsible hotel. Little brother of the first three complexes of the new generation hotel - launched by Emmanuel Petit in 2014 -, he already won all the honors by becoming the 5e the greenest hotel in France according to Betterfly Tourism.

Behind its blue facade lined with recyclable wood strips - from sustainably managed forests - is a frame of 2 450 square meters housing 127 chambers invested by Janréji studio. From the double room to the family room to the dormitory rooms for six people, each space is maximized to consume as little energy as possible.

In bathrooms, no disposable products made available to customers but refillable containers to limit the production of waste. Sinks and showers are also equipped with aerators to reduce water consumption while on the energy side, energy savers are installed in each room powered by geothermal energy and by the photovoltaic panels installed on the slate roof. the building.

In the kitchen, the dishes are concocted by cracked heads from products from short circuits. The beers are brewed in Mérignac, the fruit juices come from the Chartrons district close to the city center where the coffee is worked by artisan roasters. And because nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, an urban kitchen garden is out of the ground to supply the restaurant with fresh and seasonal products whose peels end not in the trash, but in the compost.

"We bring a new offer that can compete with Airb'n'b but also brings a revival in the traditional economy hotel" Emmanuel Petit, founder of Eklo Hotels

At the border between the codes of the classic hotel and those of the youth hostel, here life in community is at the heart of the project. In the shared spaces of 200 square meters, opening also to the inhabitants of the city, the club chairs mingle with mismatched chairs and tables alongside foosball and arcade games. Little more, the open-plan kitchen open to the relaxation area allowing guests to put their hand to the paw if they wish.

This is a good place for an eco-friendly vacation!

For more information, visit the website Patriarch

Pictures: Studio Janréji

Anouchka Crocqfer

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