Mikou Design Studio : Lycée Neuf de Boulogne-Billancourt

Mikou Design Studio realizes a building hosting the Lycée Boulogne-Billancourt (92). Located on the parcel of a former Renault factory, the building connects the old and new district of the town. At the junction between two opposing urban worlds, this public facility represents the transition from the past to the future. Overview of a referenced achievement.

Created in 2005 by Selma and Salwa Mikou, Mikou Design Studio continues to redefine the architecture and its transversalities thanks to a team composed of architects, engineers, graphic designers, scenographers and urban planners. The agency focuses on new ways of living the urban space.

The project has been designed according to a triangular plan, with three glazed exterior facades overlooking the square and the cross Jules Guesde and the rue de Meudon. In the same way, the facades of the courtyard were conceived while transparency in order to connect the place to the public space.

The main structural element of the current building is the imposing façade of the Renault factory, which is subtly integrated with the establishment. The conservation of this module allows architects to stabilize the entire building while giving it a strong symbolic load. In the same way, the dominant blue hue is not left to chance: it alludes to the blue of work of the first workers of the site. A welcome and clever wink.

The establishment has been thought of as an open and bright volume. The ground floor, as well as the double height hall, open the building to the outside. And the provision of more informal spaces for wandering invites students to make their establishment a lived experience. The architectural vocabulary intends to favor comfort, concentration and learning.

A thoughtful architecture put at the service of education!

Photographs: Filip Dujardin

To learn more, visit the Mikou Studio website

Léa Pagnier

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