Stéphane Maupin : Centre européen du Judaïsme

Installed Jerusalem Square in Paris (XVIIth arrondissement), the European Center of Judaism, built by the agency Stéphane Maupin, has just opened its doors to the public, a few days after its inauguration the 29 October 2019 by the President of the Republic. Together cultural and cultual, this new place promotes Judaism. Back on this architectural project of magnitude.

The idea of ​​the European Center of Judaism was born under the impulse of Joel Merfui, the current president of the Central Consistory Israelite of France. Since 2015, the French architecture agency directed by Stéphane Maupin works to build the center. After four years of work, rises right in the west of Paris a remarkable building.

Built on a plot of 1 650 square meters given by the city of Paris, the building presents a contemporary and symbolic. The raw concrete facades, applied to all the distinct modules, ensure the harmony of the whole.

As religious as it is cultural, the complex includes three entities gathered in the same building, all intended to transmit knowledge of the Judaic religion and culture. The project is therefore organized as a set consisting of several autonomous poles organized around the discreet synagogue. Spread over more than 5 square meters, the religious complex thus brings together a large synagogue with 000 seats, exhibition and study spaces including a conference room of 600 square meters, as well as an associative pole installed in the volume the highest.

The new European Center for Judaism combines opacity and transparency, brutality and refinement, discretion and monumentality. Stéphane Maupin Architectures thus signs a plural architectural project in the image of its multiple functions.

A monumental center open on the city.

To learn more, visit Stéphane Maupin's website

Photographs: William Clement

Léa Pagnier

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