360° Architecture : École Canta Lauseta

It is in the heart of the new ZAC Las Fonsès district in Villeneuve Tolosane (31) that the Toulouse agency 360 ° Architecture erects a building dressed in blue welcoming the Canta Lauset primary school. Here, the architects show great creativity since they dress the facade with enameled cladding in southern blue terracotta. Rather than evoking academic rigor, the building alludes to childhood and its imaginary worlds.

Inaugurated in September 2018, the new Canta Lauseta primary school takes place in the center of the new ZAC Las Fonsès district. This strategic location, which places it at the interface of the municipalities of Roques and Villeneuve Tolosane, also fits into the eminently ecological approach of this urban planning project.

Guided by the ecological sensitivity of the district, the architects opt for a bioclimatic design, and choose renewable energies and bio-sourced materials. The school is indeed built according to an environmental strategy allowing to limit the energy expenses, from the design to the realization of the building.

The wood, chosen for its excellent carbon footprint, creates continuity between the inside and outside of the school. Douglas fir, used for facades, blends harmoniously with southern blue cladding in a game of alternating voids and solids, while spruce reigns all-over in classrooms and activities.

The rooms, distributed on two levels respectively dedicated to extracurricular activities and courses, are arranged in a South East orientation, favorable to the calorific contributions of the sun. The spatial organization thus allows students and teachers to benefit as much as possible from natural lighting. All the classrooms are also equipped with a device of mobile and motorized para-solar blades allowing to modulate the luminosity and thus to create the luminous atmosphere conducive to concentration and tranquility.

An eco-construction that combines academic comfort and ecological thinking.

Project title : Las Fonsès School Group
City, Country: Villeneuve-Tolosane (31)
Owner: Villeneuve-Tolosane town hall
Mastery of work : 360 ° Architecture
Area : 3 m² SDP
Cost of works: 5 374 000 € HT
Calendar : 2018 delivery

To learn more, visit the agency website 360 ​​° Architecture

Photographs: DR

Léa Pagnier

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