Atelier Féret & Frechon : Maison des sports et des associations

Registered in the popular district of the Maison Rouge of Louviers (27), the House of Sports and Associations breathes new life into a somewhat neglected area. Signed Atelier Féret & Frechon, the complex strongly signals its presence thanks to marked architectural choices.

Designed as part of a larger project to upgrade the Maison Rouge district of Louviers, the ensemble imagined by Atelier Féret & Frechon offers the associations of the municipality various premises and outdoor facilities allowing this part of the city to be revitalized. through the various activities that can be offered. Added to this, the program also includes the construction of a bodybuilding and fitness club supplementing the offer of the already existing Maxime Marchant sports complex.


The project takes place near the Mail Carrigton, a long green promenade, a high school and a future multimodal exchange pole, which will eventually complete the activity offer of the district. The premises are installed on a square plan of 36x36 meters and are organized so that each space can benefit from the outdoor light and views of the green environment. A practical arrangement which also makes it possible to preserve the planted spaces of the site, formerly occupied by the municipal swimming pool.

Resting on a concrete structure, the facades are designed from different cladding - wood, zinc pigmented with brown, gold anodized aluminum etc. -, whose shades of neutral colors refer to the vernacular architecture of the district mixing bricks, rubble stone, slates and terracotta tiles. The project includes two urban façades, the differences in levels of which punctuate the project in a square plan. The lowest, located to the south, is extended by a covered hall aligned under the trees of the mall when the other "Stages the lifting of the volumes of sporting and festive halls above a graphic sign", underline the architects.
Thanks to a photovoltaic installation, the project benefits from the Bepos Effinergie 2017 label, an essential point for the city which has pursued a policy of sustainable development for many years.

Inside, the project managers have opted for wood versions, energized by the presence of a deep lagoon blue and gold signage. The numerous side and overhead openings ensure that the different rooms are bathed in natural and diffused light throughout the day.

There will be sports in Louviers!

Project title : House of sports and associations
City, Country: Louviers (27)
Owner: NC
Mastery of work : Féret & Frechon Workshop
Area : NC
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : NC

To learn more, visit the Atelier Féret & Frechon website

Photographs / Illustrations: Antoine Mercusot

Zoe Térouinard

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