COMBAS Architectes : Centre Socio-Culturel de Cabrières

In Cabrières (30), the agency COMBAS Architectes has just delivered the new socio-cultural center of the town. By transforming stone into the common thread of their project, the architects have chosen to pay tribute to the history of the site.

There are programs that actively participate in the influence and vitality of a territory. The Cabrières socio-cultural center is one of them, because it constitutes a cornerstone for the renewal of the municipality. On the program: a large room with 200 seats, a multifunctional space crossing the forecourt of 300 square meters, a stage, a large box, a large hall with a bar and several storage areas.

In Cabrières, along the Chemin du Moulin à Vent, a historic axis joining the cemetery to the church, stands the new socio-cultural center. From the public space, the minerality of the building holds attention and plays the card of continuity with the existing building. Building such public facilities in stone means choosing to create links between a culture of gathering and its telluric landscape. This is what guided the implementation of the project. Schoolchildren used to cross the site on its southern part, and create a link between the Chemin du Moulin à Vent and the departmental road. The bowling alley, symbol of festivities, punctuated this course. In a desire to preserve the traditions of the Cabriérois, the building emphasizes a mineral built front and retains the usual routes of the locals.

Inspired by a logic of surrounding walls, typical and representative of local fabrics, the building highlights the architectural heritage of Cabrières. In a plot representing double its area, the socio-cultural center fits perfectly into the site, and thus enriches the identity of the place. The building preserves the existing strolls while emphasizing its urban fabric.

The building houses two major spaces: the reception hall and the main room. These large spaces arise from interstices and voids dug in the mineral complex. The private and technical rooms correspond to the massive bases of the project. The entrance hall, open onto the esplanade, is surrounded by the bar and the association room, while the scenic space of the main room is adjacent to the storage rooms, dressing rooms and technical areas. Each articulation of the program allows the assembly to function by sector, and thus to ensure a perfect adaptation to each use.

For more information, visit the website COMBAS Architects agency.

Visuals: © COMBAS Architects


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