In Graiguenamanagh, a small village in the Irish countryside, the Boyd Cody agency has made this little concrete house. An architecture of faults, with crenellated contours, drawing fine spaces between interior and exterior, drawing the landscape into the heart of the living space.

"This small rural dwelling, 100m2, Is located in the corner of a field on the edge of the village of Graiguenamanagh, was south-facing hill overlooking mount Brandon. Two boundary walls one Retaining l'autre freestanding form a forecourt off the public road and anchor the building to the site.

Set Within a square footprint of 15x15m, single storey five volumes, Increasing internally in width from 1 to 5m and in height from 2.1 2.7m to step in with the landscape, descends down the hillside. The volumes are drawn apart to create a series of open ended external courtyards entre les rooms of the house, Perceived Potentially doubling the area of ​​accommodation.

The dwelling remains closed to the road, WHERE a recessed entrance FORMED out of the first volume covered Makes a threshold. A doorway set entre two parallel walls leads into the row of rooms That in turn courtyards and open to the meadow below.

A simple, economic and unembellished range of materials is employed to Reinforce the concept of the house. Walls are rendered in hand Externally and internally, a polished concrete floor is used Throughout Extending in hand into the courtyards. Iroko timber sliding screens form the intermittent glazed walls to the open side of the volumes. The roof is covered with a sedum blanket to replace the building footprint. A gravel pathway forecourt and extend around the house with a series of stepped gardens set out along the eastern edge mirroring the fall of the rooms inside and the meadow below is Reinstated. "

Photographs: Paul Tierney

For more information, visit the website Boyd Cody Architects.

Source: Dagensdesign

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